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Monday, June 29, 2009

Tita Siok [Food, Places]

Gabby was hospitalized again this year because of amoeba.  That's why my brother wasn't able to join me at Dan and Mhing' s wedding (Sunday).  So I wasn't able to take any pictures at the event.  huhu *sob* It's difficult to be a photographer and the bestman when you don't have someone carrying your dslr for you.. haha.  (Monday morning) I brought food at Tita Siok for my sister in law.  Tita Siok is one of the famous places for lazy or busy Fernandinos to buy good pampangueno meals (sisig, kamaro, etc.).  Hang around a little longer at the hospital then after lunch.. I went to a computer shop to buy my brother's pc a new power supply.  later,  before going back to Pasig.. my sister told me to get my nephew at school.  He had a fever and needs to go home early.  Busy day.. haha

the gabby
Tita Siok
ooohh.. bbq!

sick robin
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