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Thursday, July 30, 2009

why the hell [Insights]

why do i even bother having self righteous "friends".. bullshit. I had enough. As I have told myself earlier no more mr nice guy. I'll clean people full of shit out of my world.
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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Badminton @Army Gym [Badminton, Places]

Played Badminton at the Army gym with Reg and officemates. Php 70 play all you can til 10pm(well.. sometimes earlier, the keepers asks us to leave earlier since they'll be "cleaning")
There are 6 taraflex courts but only 3 are allowed for civilians. 3 cement courts also available upstairs but the lighting is bad so have to buy gum sole shoes to play.
There are also other facilities here. Basketball court: Php1500/hour (a little bit pricey) but if you want to play without the lights on; Php75 per person. Table Tennis, Swimming pool, Boxing gym, and paintball? not sure with the last one. not interested. haha.

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Yahoo Invisible Detector [Applications]

Yahoo! Messenger Invisible Detector
Nice application to see people hiding from you. Haha!

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Joey Pepperoni & Madison Square [Food, Places]

Tired from playing badminton.. we decided to go to madison square for some dinner and drinks.

Can't decide on where to eat.. so we chose Joey Pepporoni.. Ate there before at makati branch so I guess it was a safe choice more or less.

Rhyan & Jigs

Reg & Me
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metro batminton [Badminton, Places]

Played badminton with Jigs, Rhyan, Reg at metro badminton.

Court Fees:

Peak Hour
(M-F 1730-2330) P250/hr | Guest Fee: P50

Off Peak
(M-F 0600-1730) Play all you can | P100

Weekend Promo
P200 / 3hr
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Friday, July 24, 2009

brunch at sicilian express [Food, Places]

Roz and I had brunch at sicilian express located near our office at mckinley hills.



There's a promo here.. if you order an extra large pizza you get a regular white pizza. Glenn was saving his appetite for his team's lunch out so it's up for us two to finish what we ordered. I was so full.. I think I had my pizza quota for the month (or maybe not.. pizza is my safety food =P)
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Sunday, July 19, 2009

home made burgers [Food]

uhhhhmmhhhmm.. better than burgers at fastfood chains.. had 3 of this :D

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Php 200+ Globe load down the drain.. again!!! [Gadgets]

It's really frustrating when you lose your prepaid credits from expiration.. Last May, I lost around 150 pesos.. and today.. 200+ pesos.. oh maaaaann.. Well, it's quite difficult to make most of your load when you have another line with unlimited calls/text and free 250 sms to other networks.. and then you don't use it much since you got an internet broadband at home.. why text/call.. when you can IM or video call? haha!

But still.. I can't believe this.. why can't the telecom networks atleast give us reminders that our load are near expiration.. oh well.. it's one way how they make profit anyway.. why would they? I hope they would not lengthen.. but totally remove the expiration of credits.. but for the government to put heavy tax.. of course it's obvious text cost would go higher.. bullshit!!! Why should we suffer?? Clearly, we don't benefit as much with the hard earned money we lose from taxation. Why not the government push for unlimited calls/text and un-expiring credits? What do you think? Naturally, they won't get much with that =P

Expiration sucks!
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I am happy I'm angry again.. [Insights]

I remember my values education class back in the seminary.. in discovering who we are.. we were characterized what of the 7 deadly sins personifies us.. I was wrath.. well.. you can't see that much from me now.. maybe if somebody else would categorize me now.. most likely they'll say I'm lust.. haha! (but green jokes are funny =P atleast for me) That just mean you don't know me well enough. Personally, I think I upgraded from 1 to all of them.

But.. wrath is still my favorite or it's the worst for me. It's not that I am constantly angry.. but when I do express the emotion.. it's like it came out of nowhere. It's best described with the "tea kettle principle".. you take, and take.. and take in everything.. until ultimately explode. It's fun right? It's the ultimate release but what I feel after the eruptioin sucks! The guilt of why I've done such a horrible and stupid thing. The regret that I was so weak that I wasn't able to hold it in for just a little while.. that maybe I would've done something a little less or maybe nothing at all.. and let it go again. The guilt will eat me up and make me feel the worst person in the world. And then after I have punished myself, to live with my actions and, of course, mend or deal with the relationships I've broken (if the person is still breathing or trembling with fear every time he/she sees me).

I hate that feeling. I hate myself for it. That's why I have to use this smiling fool of a mask every moment of my life so I wouldn't encounter that again. The nice guy.. always the loser.. and that's me. Only thing that comforts me right now is that at least I have this feeling of anger.. instead of nothing.

Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering
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Monday, July 13, 2009

Shrinking Burgers.. the next generation [Food]

It's really disappointing nowadays the size of burgers in fastfood chains in the Philippines.  I remember when I was younger, I was already unsatisfied with the small sized burgers and usually ordered the Big burger to satisfy the hunger of a growing boy.  If that's the case back then.. what more now?  It's not just the burgers.. also with the chicken.  I remember when the American base was still here.. Our family go out to the KFC branch near Clark and the chickens were huge!  *sigh* I miss the old days..

the mouse is even bigger than the burger.. haha
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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Guellos @ Eastwood City, Libis [Food, Places]

Jigs and I went out last saturday.  Supposedly, we should've gone to pioneer area but it was raining hard so we ended up in Eastwood again.  After eating at Dencio's, we decided to move to another place for our drinking session since there were no more available table at the smoking area.  We ended up in Guellos.  Jigs ordered his shooters and I got me some Gilbey's premium strength.  Jigs saw the kilawing tanige at Dencio's menu earlier so he decided to get that one here.  And it wasn't as impressive as I have tasted elsewhere before.  A dreambreaker.. haha.  Why is there lettuce, tomato, cucumber.. is this a salad? not spicy enough.. and the fish tastes like it hasn't absorbed much vinegar/spices yet.  Oh well.. maybe next time, I'll have better luck with my favorite beer match.

kilawing  tanige - the dreambreaker

my fave beer drink as of date..
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Friday, July 10, 2009

Tyco July Celebrants [Events, Food]

Mariel and I are the celebrants for this month. Some pictures from our blowout at the office:

Yey! birthday cake!

cake blowing! mariel.. don't blow my candle

my turn :D

Amber's pichi2

Amber's Chicken lollipop

sorry.. forgot to take solo pictures of buddy's pancit lucban, and tarts from Angeles City.. you can just see them on the pictures below :D

lav, iva, mariel, beckbeck, yolly bolly, and liyo

beckbeck, mariel, leo & onin-senpai

betty boop & beckbeck

mors code, jaja, tess, & rachel

and now.. Attack!
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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Didi's Pizza @ Balibago, Angeles City [Food, Places]

After anything we do in Angeles, either drinking or *ehem*.. it's tradition to drop by Didi's and get some foodie.. pizza, tacos, and some chicken here will never fail us when we're hungry.

And some take out for the ones left at home =P

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Bruno & Diego Grill @ Balibago, Angeles City [Food, Places]

After dinner, Sangko & I met up with Dan and went to Bruno & Diego Grill for some bonding time. Haha.  I like the ostrich tips here and we also ordered the squid.  

We also tried the new Gilbey's Premium strength drink.  Not bad.  Tastes like Sprite or Cali.. good for long converstions (10pm - 3pm).  No hangover =P
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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Rai Rai Ken @ SM City Pampanga [Food, Places]

Treated the family dinner on my birthday last July 4. Al l I can say about rai rai ken is I love the ramen here. Well.. it's the best I can find so far after I came back from Japan. If anyone have any suggestions for the best japanese tasting ramen here, Let me know. Please!!! I want good ramen :D Filipino ramen is too salty/spicy compared to the real thing.

P.S. I like the mabo tofu at hap chan better =P
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Friday, July 3, 2009

On the streets of Manila [Photography, Places]

Did some walking with my camera last June 20 in Manila. Finding my style..

You may view other photos on my flickr.

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