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Monday, November 2, 2009

Drive safely [Automotive]

Some pictures taken while passing by collisions at North Luzon Express Way. So for our fellow motorists out there.. drive safely.

Unfortunately after passing the traffic build up from the two collisions, I sped up and my pickup overheated. Huhu. I didn't know my water pump was leaking already. So it was the start of my troublesome days for me. Just my luck. :(
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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ice Buko [Food]

Nothing beats the heat better than ice buko.. hehe.. Although, it would be great if it's my favorite mungo flavor. Woohoo! But it's hard to find one of those these days :(

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Memorial Park Deliveries [Food]

The day before was cloudy so the weather was great to stay at Good Shepherd. But Nov. 1 is really hot.. good thing deliveries of fast food resto's are available.. like.. Jollibee, Greenwich, and Yellow Cab.

So Gabby won't starve.. Yehey!
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