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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Love Happens [Movie]

Love Happens

I watched this movie expecting to be enticed with their chemistry but that didn't happen..  Maybe I was just expecting too much.  Initially, the movie was doing great.. presentation of their characters was good.. a problematic teacher (Aaron Eckhart) whose preachings have not been applied and whose not over with the traumatic death of his wife.. and then, a florist (Jennifer Aniston) who was unlucky with love.. having relationships with infidel men.

With that conflict at the start, I was hoping the plot would have developed more and with the title as "love happens" I thought they would face different conflicts about their difference but will end up together as if it was destiny.. but NO... the guy was just haunted by his lie and needed to face the reality.. and the girl just supported her.. like she was totally in to her after their date..

It's anti-climactic for me and somehow I feel that the male character was not really in love like he was just on a rebound.. having found the next beautiful girl in his life.  Hehe.. Maybe this movie should've been named "the rebound".. Joke!


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